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Informal dinner / Socializing,

Day: on Friday, September 20th

Time: 8pm

Place: Centro Social do Pessoal da Câmara Municipal de Peniche (next to the firemen headquaters) – GPS coordinates: 9J5F+69 Peniche)

One of the main objectives of a PORTSUGAR® is socializing. Since many participants and their families arrive the day before ..., once again, we promote a first moment for that, as "appetizer" for the meeting. We will also have the opportunity to get to know the local community a little better - people, customs and gastronomy - while at the same time we can taste some of the delights of the host county in an informal "dinner".

The Solidarity CLUPAC project will be continued in the following areas:

Let's make people’s life sweeter - The sugar that the participants take out of the packets will be offered to local institutions – Cercipeniche for (for handicapped people)

- "PAGELA DO ANO" Contest (sheet A4 with a set for exhibition) ### YEAR ###;

How do you show your sets? We’d love to see it… and… there are prizes…

Members and not members (if they come to PORTSUGAR®) are allowed to participate.


Let’s discover the best of Peniche!... on Sunday morning

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