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The first time I went to a PORTSUGAR® (Gondomar) and I saw so many collectors, even foreigners, I became a a parto of it… But I also realized it won’t be easy to organize such an event… and thought… can I do this where I was born – Ílhavo?

In Santarém I was determined – Ílhavo would be a candidate for 2020 (2019 was already decided – Peniche)!

In April 2019 I talked with the Ilhavo mayor, informally, about my idea… “What? Sugar packets?... We’ll see… schedule a meeting…”

On June 12th the mayor already had an opinion formed about the event, so from there to the agreement it took a few minutes ... after all it hadn't fallen on deaf ears ...


PLACE – it will be held at Cais Criativo da Costa Nova, Nossa Sra. da Saúde Av, 187, 3830-460 Gafanha da Encarnação

GPS: 40° 36' 43" N; 08° 45' 07" W);


DATE - September, 19th and 20th, 2020



• 1st registration period (CLUPAC members only and participants living abroad, taking into account the convenience of the advance booking of transport, in particular) – March 7th to May 31st;

• 2nd Registration Period (Members and Non-Members) - June 01st to September 6th.

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