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This is the way everything began…

- Is it possible to held a PORTSUGAR in Peniche?

- Why not? As long as there is a local organizing committee and the local authorities accept our terms…

- And what are those terms?

- We’ll e-mail you them. And, whenever i tis necessary, we’ll go there…Then let’s start working… the committee was real, the local authorities accepted our terms and… and we showed the oficial poster during our last celebration dinner! Now, it’s your turn… we want you all in Peniche!


PLACE – it will be held at Associação Humanitária dos Bombeiros (firemen) Voluntários de Peniche, Avenue Porto Pesca, Peniche

GPS coordinates: 39.333660 , -9.267560 N 39º 20’ 1.18” , W 9º 16’ 3.22”


DATE - September, 21st and 22nd, 2019



• 1st registration period (CLUPAC members only and participants living abroad, taking into account the convenience of the advance booking of transport, in particular) – April 1st to May 31st;

• 2nd Registration Period (Members and Non-Members) - June 01st to September 5th.

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